Cole's Pages

Cole's Pages

When your family is facing a medical crisis, Cole's Pages is here as a center for relationship, news, support and hope. Create a customized page to keep your family and friends updated.

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Kids Unite to Fight

Kids Unite to Fight

This program is dedicated to providing hope and encouragement for kids who are dealing with a medical illness by enlisting the help of school-aged youth. Its unique approach is simple, effective and meaningful to both schools and kids in the hospital.

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Cole's Prayer Team

This unique group strives to ‘Be There’ for others in their time of need while exemplifying God's love in action. Join the team to experience the blessing of reaching out to others.

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Cole's Prayer Team is committed to providing emotional support and praying for families with children who are facing a medical crisis. We are here to encourage your family along the way.

Featured Family

Mikey Harris

Mikey is a 10 year old boy who has duplication 7q11.23. This is a neurological disorder that affects speech and behavior. It is really complicated to explain, but here's an attempt. If you look up 7q11.23 duplication, you'll probably find something along the lines of this. Inside our bodies, we all have something called a chromosome. Chromosomes tell our cells what to do. In our body, we have 46 chromosomes - 23 sets. These chromosomes make us who we are. They tell our cells and our body what we are going to be like - our hair color, if we are a boy, if we are a girl, and how tall we are going to These children have an extra piece of material on their 7th chromosome that we call 7q11.23 duplication - or 7q dupe for short. We can’t be certain yet, but there appears to be no reason…

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Meet Our Families

Cole's Story

Cole Ruotsala was diagnosed with Adreno Cortical Carcinoma on July 27, 2008. Eight short weeks later his life on this earth ended and his legacy began!

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How Can I Help?

No family or child should have to fight this battle alone! With your involvement you can make a difference for families with children who are facing medical crisis.

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Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Good News! Read All About It!

Prayer Reqeusts

Prayer Requests

We believe in the power of prayer! Please take a moment to stop by our prayer requests page and pray for those who are in need of prayer support today.


Angel Wings

The term "Angel Wings" signifies those loved ones who have have gone on before. This list is in "Loving Memory" of all!