Ariel Marrero

Oh boy where do I start? I guess at the beginning.
Ariel was born 3 weeks premature,which we all thought would be no big deal,since several of her brothers were born that early,boy were we wrong.She turned blue shortly after birth and it took 8 hours to stabalize her.She was then transported to another hospital and given the diagnosis of Respiritory Distress Syndrome.We were told that is may take 4 months to get her out of the NICU and that she would have all sorts of physical problems,but praise God prayer works and after a week they told us to come get her.She just had to come home with a bili blanket because she was a bit jaundiced.She was a bit developmentally delayed. It took her longer to sit up and she never did crawl,but G.I. crawls,but she appeared to be pretty normal and the O.T. dismissed her at 6 months.


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