Praise Reports


"Thank God, Kellen's second surgery was a success and we are so grateful."



"Bryson was "released" to resume normal activity as tolerated. His incision looks really good! That means he can sit in the floor and play, and he will be restarting therapy this week! This is a big step in the recovery process. It will take a while for Bryson to regain his strength and range of motion."



"The good news so far is that preliminary results of her bone marrow aspirate look good. Hopefully the MRD (Minimal Residual Disease) results will come back tomorrow. Please STORM THE HEAVENS that there is NO CANCER in the MRD!! Her ANC was back up to 400 today and her white count was up to 1.8 from .9 the past few days!"


Tyler S

"Tyler had scans on March 24 and the results showed good news. He has stable and shrinking lung spots and no new spots. This is great news since he hasn't had chemotherapy in so long."



"Wyatts biopsy final results are in. He's is A-OK. Thanks for the Prayers. God Is Good!"


Wyatt G.

"Wyatt's MRI was stable! His tumor is completely unchanged since the last one 6 months ago, so he'll have another one in 6 months."


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